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Hirro Drip

Due to increasingly warmer summers, irrigation of agricultural crops has become a necessary condition for any serious production. That’s why we have introduced drip irrigation pipes into our offer. This system was developed with the intention of providing food production in desert conditions, but thanks to its superior characteristics, it has been embraced in all climate zones. These pipes ensure reliable and uniform delivery of water directly to the plant root zone, with precise dosing and minimal water consumption. Since every liter of water delivered to the plant comes at a cost, such systems provide multiple savings to the end user: significantly lower water consumption enables irrigation of a larger area with the same amount of available water, reduced energy bills for pump operation, slower weed growth due to limited water supply compared to alternative systems, and the possibility of delivering fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides through the system reduces the need for mechanization.

HIRRO DRIP pipes, available in thicknesses of 0.15 mm, 0.20 mm, 0.25 mm, and 0.30 mm, are intended for use during one season, after which they are removed from the field for soil cultivation. The control of water flow at each emitter is achieved through the flow of water through a specially produced dripper welded on the inner side of the pipe. This dripper includes a water filtration part, a labyrinth for flow regulation, and an outlet part. The external pipe is precisely laser-punched at the designated location. The pipes are manufactured and tested in accordance with EN ISO 9261:2011. Along with the HDPE water pipes used for the primary irrigation network and the accompanying fittings, Peštan is able to offer you a complete irrigation system.