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Our services
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The highlighted products of Savke Team represent quality, reliability, and modern design with an emphasis on affordable prices.
S Line low-noise
Large Diameter
Corrugated Pipes
Fluenta Concealed Cisterns
Dimplex Radiators
Water Heaters
S Line low-noise pipes

Pestan S Line seamless drainage is intended for installation in areas where sound insulation is considered. It allows for reducing noise and acoustic vibrations up to a level of 12 dB*

  • Density 9 g/cm3, according to ISO 1183
  • Tensile strength 28 MPa, according to ISO 527
  • Elongation modulus 1300 Mpa, according to ISO 527
  • Impact strength according to Charpy 70 kJ/m², according to ISO 179
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Confluo is a line of smart DRAINS that has proven to be an excellent solution. The use of the Confluo line is the right choice for various purposes in bathroom solutions. The drains are divided into 4 groups.

  • Confluo Premium models
  • Confluo Standard models
  • Confluo roof drains
  • Confluo yard drains
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Large Diameter Corrugated Pipes

Pestan polyethylene OD corrugated pipes have been a reliable partner for years in the construction of gravity drains outside buildings. These corrugated pipes are identified by their nominal outer diameter (OD). These pipes are equally commonly used in individual projects. The assortment is produced in the following dimensions.

  • Ø OD 40, Ø OD 50, Ø OD 63
  • Ø OD 75, Ø OD 90, Ø OD 110
  • Ø OD 125, Ø OD 160, Ø OD 200
  • Ø OD 250, Ø OD 315, Ø OD 400, Ø OD 500
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Peštan PERT-AL-PERT pipes are used for underfloor or radiator heating installations and drinking water. Depending on the customer's preference, they can be with or without a protective casing. PERT-AL-PERT pipes are manufactured in the following diameters:

  • Ø 16 X 2 mm
  • Ø 20 X 2 mm
  • Ø 25 X 3 mm
  • Ø 32 X 3 mm
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Fluenta Concealed Cisterns

The advantages offered by Fluenta concealed cisterns are flawless operation in terms of water-saving and quiet flushing. They are hidden in the space, making them ideal for small bathrooms, while in larger ones, they contribute to better functionality and meet the users' visual requirements. Installation methods:

  • Installation in pre-wall structures
  • Installed as a standalone element for pre-wall installation in dry assembly
  • For pre-wall corner installation
  • For universal installation in solid walls
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Dimplex Radiators

Dimplex radiators save electricity by up to 50% compared to an electric boiler and up to 30% compared to storage heaters. With our Dimplex radiators, your purchase is an investment rather than an expense.

  • Original Norwegian Radiators
  • Safe and Reliable Heating
  • High-Quality and Elegant Design
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Water Heaters

The tanks are made of stainless steel (inox) Č 4580 according to JUS (Yugoslav Standard), X5CrNi 1810 according to DIN (German Standard), with a 2B (III C) surface finish, matte without foil. Complete high and low-mount water heaters, 50, 80, 100, 120, and 150 liters. Vertical, horizontal, and combined models in serial production, as well as larger capacities upon request. Additionally, combined tanks and complete water heaters with a heat exchanger.

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  • Safety
  • Design
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