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Confluo board

The “Board” program of pre-installed drains is the result of continuous search for better and more efficient solutions for our customers worldwide. With this product, we have made a significant advancement in terms of waterproofing, safety, and aesthetics by reducing the possibility of errors and greatly minimizing installation time and effort. As a manufacturer, we have taken responsibility and created modern, high-quality, and time-efficient solutions for our clients.

Advantages of Confluo Board:

1. Peripor Board – Peripor is expanded polystyrene (EPS) that is particularly suitable for situations with high pressure on the surface.

The key characteristics of Peripor are:

• Excellent thermal insulation coefficient • High material density of 45 kg/m3
• Excellent impact resistance
• Lightweight
• Moisture impermeability

2. MAPEI waterproofing – Confluo Board is factory-coated with one of the highest-quality waterproofing products, MAPELASTIC Turbo, and all joints are sealed with MAPEBAND tape, ensuring 100% waterproofness of our system.

3. Lock-in tail joint – The panel connection system using the “lock-in tail” allows for a joint that is resistant to all types of pressure. This joint also prevents concrete from entering between the panels.

4. Time and cost savings – A special advantage of Confluo Board pre-installed drains is that installation time is significantly reduced since the drain is already installed with proper leveling and slopes, and it has the factory-applied MAPEI waterproofing.

5. High flow rate – This system enables a high water flow rate of 48 l/min, which complies with the highest standards.

6. ALS system (secondary drainage) – Thanks to the design of the drain support, integrated slopes, and applied waterproofing, this product has a secondary drainage system.